Fly Fishing 2000

We liberate the sport of fly-fishing and take you back to the clean and simple basics. Now go fish.

Jul 1, 2000
Outside Magazine

Don't be cowed by gear fetishists and country squires. Take our clean and commonsense advice on tools, technique, and cagey quarry, and launch your superfly into the fray.

Lighten Up: It's the cast, stupid.
By Ian Frazier

Fishville: Ten fly-friendly towns on the banks of waters frothing with trout.
By Nate Hoogeveen

A Trout's Innermost Desires: It's all about finding his comfort zone, baby.
By Nick Lyons

The Only Fly You Need: Chernobyl Ant of Double Bunny, ma'am?
By Florence Williams

What Burns My Ass: Judge not, dry-fly snob, lest ye suffer the ire of my rod.
By Angus Cameron

Your Best Angles: Top guides' tips for stalking paranoid fish.
By Kent Black and Nate Hoogeveen

A Manifesto for Ignorance: Ah, cluelessness! Or, just do it yourself.
By David James Duncan

Buy Right, Buy Once: The right stuff for schlepping, wading, spying.
By Chris Keyes

My Hero: The greatest angler I ever saw was full of surprises.
By Jack Handey

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