Editors' Choice: 19-15

Feb 14, 2010
Outside Magazine
Rob Machado

Rob Machado   

Patagonia catalog

Patagonia catalog

Helly Hansen base layer

Helly Hansen base layer

19. Kiehl's Face Protector
It's SPF 30, fragrance-free, and, because it doesn't contain any water, won't freeze. $19; kiehls.com

18. The Patagonia Catalog
There are plenty of copycats, but none of the others has what makes this one so coffee-table-worthy: brilliantly edited, sparely captioned, stunning photographs taken in some of the last truly wild places left on the planet.

17. Watching the Boston Marathon
Thanks to Patriots Day, the Maine-and-Massachusetts-exclusive holiday, the entire city turns out to cheer and drink and generally enjoy the biggest party of the year.

16. Helly Hansen's Stripes
The ones on their base layers. From $45; hellyhansen.com

15. Rob Machado's Hair
(He surfs pretty good, too.)

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