Editors' Choice: Not on the List

Feb 14, 2010
Outside Magazine


1. Zip-off pants.
2. "Doggles." Goggles. On your dog. Stop it.
3. Second tracks.
4. Trunk-mount bike racks. They're a pain in the ass to affix to your car. They make getting into the trunk hazardous. And they scratch and dent. If you're even moderately serious about cycling, get a hitch-mount or roof rack.
5. $100 lift tickets.
6. The word amplitude (unless referring to the magnitude of change in an oscillating variable, of course).
7. Anything—especially a multitool or cell phone—clipped to your belt. You're not Batman.
8. !@#$ing mosquitoes.
9. The way your running shorts smell after a while, no matter how much you wash them.
10. An empty passport.

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