Jun 1, 1997
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Trunk work should complement your existing regimen, so to include it simply divide the exercises laid out on these pages into two workouts. On mat days, you'll do crunches without weights, and stretches — it'll take ten minutes. On gym days, you'll do all of these exercises. They'll take 25 minutes with a short aerobic warm-up. Alternate the two workouts for six consecutive days, and then take one day of rest.


Mat Day

Do one set of ten pelvic rotations as well as right and left knee tucks. Then do one set of five knee tucks with both legs.

Gym Day

In addition to the stretches, do one set of ten arm and leg salutes, and one set of five back extensions (build to three sets of ten for each exercise).


Mat Day
Do one set of 30 two-count crunches as well as both right and left side crunches (build to three sets of 30 for each exercise).

Gym Day

In addition to the two crunches, do one set of 20 weight crunches and one set of ten ab strap knee-lifts (build to three sets of 30), resting one minute between sets.


Mat Day
Do one hip flexor stretch on each side.

Gym Day

In addition to the stretch, do one set of 15 leg raises, side leg raises, and scissors (build to one set of 45 for each exercise).

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