Stronger Arms from an Old Standby


Jun 1, 1998
Outside Magazine

When skimming face-first down a head-high roller, a bodyboarder's steering apparatus has to be dependably strong. This makes the venerable dip the exercise of choice for devotees of recumbent wave-riding and, by extension, for any other athlete who wants to power up his triceps and outer chest. "To steer across a wave, you rely almost entirely on your shoulders and arms," says Guilherme Tamega, four-time world-champion bodyboarder and globe-trotting wave- chaser. "And the dip is portable." Indeed, the move requires nothing more than a couple of chairs or benches to work its muscular magic. Sit on the floor, legs extended in front of you, and position two stable chairs at either side, slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on the seats and push up, lifting your keister — but not your heels — off the ground. Next, lower yourself to within a couple inches of the floor, and then press back up. Repeat the dip 15 times, working up to four sets three times a week, or at least as often as your bodyboarding schedule permits.

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