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Nov 29, 2011
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Never Stop Exploring

Never Stop Exploring    Photo: Screenshot from The North Face

Good for: Jaw-dropping videos and photos from the ends of the earth

Written by: Photographer and climber Jimmy Chin, expedition leader Conrad Anker, skier Ingrid Backstrom, and, well, you get the idea

Eddie Bauer’s Born Out There blog and Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line occupy the same niche—a company blog with first-person reports from sponsored athletes. Never Stop Exploring takes top honors because it combines two things: high quality multimedia from a huge stable of peak adventurers and a healthy service element for the reader at home. In November, a Know Boundaries snow safety video series went up shortly after Cedar Wright’s photos and lessons from climbing the Dragon’s Horns on Malaysia’s Tioman Island. The writing is raw and sometimes filled with tangents. There are week-long lulls between the posts. The pictures are sometimes laid out five in a row with no text or explanation. On any other site those characteristics would be negatives. On this blog, they work.

Sample post:

The Dragon Horns, The Climb of a Lifetime!

 My life has been marked by the good fortune of adventure, travel and an intimate connection with the natural world.  Growing up on eleven acres on the side of Black Mountain in the Sierra Nevada, I spent most of my time outside exploring and playing in the dirt.  My dad took me on my first backpacking trip soon after my first steps, and I spent most summers sleeping on the back porch under the stars.  Looking back I realize how formative and therapeutic this early connection with nature was, and it's a large part of why I am a professional climber today.  Unfortunately many teens in our growing urban centers, never get outdoors.  In fact, with stars drowned out by the lights of the city, maybe they never get to marvel at the milky way!  Surrounded by the influence of gangs, crime, drugs, and the often isolated reality of city existence, it's easy to see how life can begin to feel hopeless for a young kid. So I'd like to encourage you to donate to Big City Mountaineers in the name of our climb. It's tax deductible, and you'll be donating hope to our younger generations.

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