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Nov 29, 2011
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Dirtbag Diaries

Dirtbag Diaries    Photo: Screenshot of Dirtbag Diaries

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Written by: Do-it-all multimedia guru Fitz Cahall, cofounder of the web video series Tracing the Edge and The Season

No other blog does a better job of breaking down the conundrums and rewards of adventure. Cahall tackles seemingly mundane topics by delving into the lives of adventure athletes and telling their stories. Climber Dean Fleming on the sacrifices he made to save for that next rock-inspired trip. Guide Fred Sproat on how he balanced his yearning to be on the river with a relationship. Yes, Cahall does this with podcasts. Yes, sometimes the story lines are cheesy. Yes, the posts only come a few times a month. None of that matters[.] We can’t wait for the next episode—and accompanying song selection.

Sample post:

Lifestyle Tips for the Committed

What have you given up for dirtbaggery? Regular car maintanence? Cable TV? Your favorite craft brew? Dean Fleming writes, " Like most rock climbers, I’m a control freak and I’m cheap.  So I’ll share one lifestyle tip for the committed to put extra cash in your pocket." DIY haircuts. Dean lays out 3 simple steps to keeping the dirtbag dream alive.

How committed are you?

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