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Nov 29, 2011
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Adventure Journal

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Good for: Everything adventure.

Written by: Steve Casimiro, former editor of Powder and Bike, and Michael Frank, a former editor at Esquire and Bicycling.

If you only have time to hit one adventure blog a day, make it this one. Each post shows a commanding knowledge of the athletes and events in the adventure world. While Casimiro often lets loose on topics—because he’s incredibly versed in the backstory of surfing, skiing, bicycling, and well, basically anything outdoor-related—Frank takes a more measured tone. Environmental stories get a healthy dose of reporting. Gear reviews cut to heart of a product. Outdoor sports news and athlete interviews are smart and edgy. Combine an authentic voice with big, vibrant pictures (see The Daily Bike and Weekend Cabin), polls, breaking news, and an appealing layout and you have a “blog” that blows every other site we read out of the water.

Sample post:

Running Is Still Psychedelic, Still Transcendent

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

Who’s signed up for their local Turkey Trot tomorrow? A show of hands, please. Nice, very nice. Yeah, me too — the boy and I are doing the short loop, 5K, which is just the right distance to feel like you’ve accomplished something should you desire to park it on the couch for the rest of the day but not so long that your pins can’t still go out and hang together for a nice, really long leisurely run. Which you will probably want to do after watching this video.

It’s an animated short by an artist named James Jarvis, and I have to confess that I posted it here almost two years ago, which I don’t ever do. But there’s a whole bunch of readers who are here now who weren’t here then, and it remains my favorite bit of running inspiration ever. I know, crazy, right, that a little cartoon could inspire you to run? But Jarvis is a long-distance runner, and he knows the “transcendent, almost psychedelic experience of the simple act of running.” Watch and see if you agree.


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