The Top 10 Running Stories of 2011

From bureaucratic wrangling to the death of the sport's most exciting star, the sport of running was in flux a year before the Olympic Games

Dec 21, 2011
Outside Magazine
Sammy Wanjiru, Oscar Pistorius, Paula Radcliffe

Sammy Wanjiru, Oscar Pistorius, Paula Radcliffe    Photo: Harry Borden

The sport of running was in flux in 2011, with fundamental changes to how runners enter the world's most prestigious race (the Boston Marathon), the death of two champions, and a raging debate over whether a double amputee should be allowed to compete against able-bodied runners. As the Olympic Games edge closer next summer, bringing running into its once-every-four-years limelight, how these stories are resolved will shape the character of the sport for years to come.

10. Runners Love Corporate Logos
9. Mo Farah beat who?
8. A Prodigy Quits
7. Grete Waitz Dies
6. Boston Raises the Bar
5. American Milers on Top
4. IAAF Hates Rabbits
3. Kenya Gets Even Better
2. Disabled, or Aided?
1. A Champion Dies Young

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