Preventive Medicine

Injuries are a fact of life. Here's how to recover faster.


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Injuries don’t have to set you back. All it takes is some home-remedy know-how and a few specific training tools to come back stronger, faster, and smarter. Click on the links below to learn how.

Keep Your Edge: How professional skier and Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety recovered from a debilitating knee injury.

New Cures for the Common Injury: RICE is so last year. Here's the new thinking on how to treat shin splints, plantar facitis, and three other common ailments.

The Best Offense: The reptitive nature of any sport takes a toll on our bodies' weakest points. Strengthen them with these six exercises.

Eat Your Medicine: Food provides the building blocks your body needs to recover. Recharge with these five superfoods.

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