The Supergreen

You write down your daily carbon output. You encourage houseguests who visit the washroom to "let it mellow." You named your first son Al.

Jan 4, 2012
Outside Magazine

YOU FOLLOW: Tim Hurst (@ecopolitologist) for the stories missed by the mainstream media; urban farmer @majoracarter and journalist @michaelpollan for sharp insight on the politics of food; and @drgrist, Grist blogger David Roberts, for his posts on energy policy: “U.S. 2020 climate treaty proposal isn’t a delay—it’s a death sentence.”


YOU LIKE: Extreme skier and activist Alison Gannett for her advice on growing winter vegetables and weatherproofing your home; the Nature Conservancy for inspiration and calls to action; and USFWS Climate Change, which is run by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service but takes gutsier stances than the EPA.

YOU USE: Green News as a bottomless ticker for environmental coverage from the major wire services; Fair Trade Finder to locate stores that stock responsibly produced products; Light Bulb Finder so you can pick the perfect Kelvin-scale light temperature for each room; and iScrap to find recyclers for those bulbs—or anything else—when they expire.


YOU BROWSE: The obvious choices, like Grist,, and Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth blog, but also Slate’s Green Lantern blog, where writer Brian Palmer gives the Myth Busters treatment to environmental questions; the website of the Guardian for its coverage of global warming rather than a debate over whether it exists; and the Real Climate blog for the pressing news that didn’t quite grab headlines.

YOU SCHMOOZE: By responding to @billmckibben’s tweets; organizing to feed the homeless at Care International’s charity clearinghouse,; commenting on Facebook posts from the Natural Resources Defense Council’s comprehensive Switchboard blog; and creating petitions with the tools at protest site

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