Kevin Pearce Gets Back on His Snowboard

Dec 15, 2011
Outside Magazine

In 2009, while training for the 2010 Winter Olympics, snowboarder Kevin Pearce hit his head on the lip of a halfpipe and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Doctors were not sure he'd wake up from a coma, much less walk or talk again.

Almost two years after that accident, Kevin Pearce hopped back on his board in Breckenridge and blew down the slopes between a mass of cameramen and his friends, yelled back at fans who cheered him on, and grabbed some air. We're posting news of this again because a video has been released (above) showing his ride. 

It's the latest public part of his recovery, which has included work as a commentator and plans to become a motivational speaker.

For more on Kevin Pearce's path to recovery, check out "Some Reassembly Required," by Jonah Lehrer.

--Joe Spring

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