Adam Ondra is Winning the Numbers Game

Climbers are fond of saying that there's no such thing as a "best climber", and in a broad sense, they're right. But in terms of pure difficulty, it's becoming harder and harder to deny Adam Ondra's dominance.

On Tuesday, the 18-year-old Czech climber made the second ascent of Gioia, an eight-move boulder problem opened by Christian Core in Varazze, Italy, in 2008. Ondra confirmed the line at V16. It was his second problem of the grade in as many months, following his first ascent of the traverse Terranova at Holstejn in November. And while both Lucid Dreaming and The Game, the two V16 problems established in 2010, have since been downgraded, Ondra’s conservative attitude towards the numbers suggests that his grades will stick.

“If you were to give this 8C [V15], then the bouldering grades wouldn't make much sense anymore, Ondra told PlanetMountain in a post-send interview. “You'd have to downgrade all the 8B+ [V14] and most of the 8C's [V15] as well.”

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