Beat Back the Holiday Bulge with Recipes from Allen Lim

Thanksgiving is almost a week gone, but if you're like me the massive pig out and the Macy's Day-worthy parade of leftovers won't soon be forgotten. I'm talking about extra girth, not warm fuzzy holiday feelings.

I ventured onto the scale for the first time in a week and confirmed that I probably should have opted for seconds on intervals, not pumpkin cheesecake. Meanwhile, I'm staring down the barrel of a host of Christmas parties addled with irresistibly iced sugar cookies, ButterBalls, and cholesterol-spiking eggnog. Glug! And the early sunsets this time of year make it even harder to get in a good workout and still feel inspired to cook.

Enter The Feed Zone Cookbook, a recent release aimed at cyclists and other athletes that showed up on my doorstep a few weeks back. Co-authored by Biju Thomas, who has cooked for Lance Armstrong and a host of other notable cyclists, and Dr. Allen Lim, director of sport science for Garmin-Cervélo and Radioshack pro cycling teams over the past four seasons, this 315-page hardback is full of nutrition advice and simple, healthy recipes for athletes. A number of celebrity athletes have apparently benefited from the meals in this book, including Levi Leipheimer, who ends his foreward with this: "Not only did Biju and Allen help salvage a disastrous start to my 2011 season...they actually got me into the kitchen, cooking these recipes."

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