Accepting the "Greener Challenge"

P1010648The world is a playground of incredible places waiting to be experienced and cherished, places like the Coronado Islands, a small chain of deserted islands off the coast of Baja, Mexico. Recently some friends and I sailed to the islands for a few days of exploration and fun. 

We paddled iSUPs, inflatable standup paddleboards, in the turbulent water surging between the near-shore rocks; dived with sea lions and abundant marine life; marveled at the flocks of birds precariously perched on the sheer cliffs; watched the sun set; the moon rise; and generally fell into the rhythm of the place.

And that’s really the point isn’t it?  Some people see the ocean as just a surface on which to practice sports and see wildlife as props for human entertainment. I find that it’s more rewarding to experience the natural world as something to cherish rather than dominate; to participate rather than exploit. To thrive on the energy and intensity that is experienced when you melt into the natural order of things and realize that you are an integral part of all that power and beauty.

But is it possible to genuinely love, appreciate, and fully experience the natural world while simultaneously contributing to it’s demise? 

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