Trek's 2012 Mountain Line-up Inspires

SLorence_trekaustria_228Floating a corner on the new Fuel EX 9.9. Courtesy of Trek/Sterling Lorence.

Late last summer Trek invited me to Mayrhofen, Austria, to take a look at its 2012 mountain bike line. I was initially skeptical: Trek, after all, was peddling some pretty ordinary mountain bikes up until a few years ago. But based on my experience with their mountain line last year—at first I was doubtful of the Top Fuel 9.7 I reviewed but ended up very nearly prepared to trade my wife for one by review's end; and I actually ended up purchasing a 2011 Trek Superfly 100, which became my go-to ride for awhile—I knew I had to go.

Judging by what I saw in Mayrhofen, Trek has made some giant strides in crafting a full line-up of great mountain bikes in recent years. And now that test bikes have arrived and I've spent some time on them, I can confirm that the Waterloo, Wisconsin-based company is offering some extremely hot bikes next year.

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