Expedition to Watch: Jake Norton's Challenge 21

Jake Norton
Climber Jake Norton began tackling mountains at the age of 12 with an ascent of Mount Rainer. Since then, he has bagged that peak 98 times, climbed on six continents, and traveled to Everest six times. He has summited Everest three times. He helped discover Mallory's remains on Everest in 1999 and has played a key role in exploring the history of the mountain. He was the first person to discover all of the pre-World War II camps on the mountain. During his explorations, he's shared his discoveries with a healthy sense of humor. Last month, he blogged about his decision to eat a couple of 68-year-old biscuits that he found on Mount Everest, not knowing the economic value of such gastronomic artifacts. Now he wants to do something bigger. He's planned a seven-continent, multi-year climbing project in order to raise awareness about the world's clean water crisis.

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