It's Dumping Snow Bikes

Winter's first flakes flew in Santa Fe today, and it got me thinking about snow bikes. Total gimmick, right? That's what I thought until I spent last season on a Surly Pugsley. And I have to tell you, it's pretty dang fun. Chugging up Santa Fe Ski Hill on a bike rather than skins was a totally different kind of workout, and the double takes from downhilling skiers was priceless. Better still, slipping and careering down 2,000 vertical feet on four-inch rubber doughnuts gives that same on-the-verge-of-control feeling of exhilaration as driving on iceā€”minus (most of) the dire consequences. And for those who thought snow bikes were as fleeting as a spring dump in Denver, there are almost as many of them out there these days as there are meteorologists who missed the forecast again. Here are a few highlights.
--Aaron Gulley

Moots FrosTi
Moots FrosTi Steamboat-based titanium frame builder Moots has been creating custom snow bikes for years for friends who raced, including none other than Mike Curiak. For the first time, the company will produce a limited run of its fat bikes for the public this season. At $3,975 for the frame alone, they aren't cheap, and given that orders must be placed by November 1, you might need to either cash in some of those stock options (or sell a pair of skis) to make it happen in time.

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