Interbike Roundup: Hard Goods and Components

We scoured the aisles at Interbike to find the latest in bike components. The top stories seem to be bigger travel, better interfaces, and more choice. Presenting a few hardgood highlights from Vegas.

--Aaron Gulley

Speedplay SYZR
 Though it might look like a Shimano SPD knockoff, the SYZR packs some of the most interesting pedal technology to emerge in years. Unlike every other mountain bike pedal on the market, adjustable float (tuneable from zero to 10 degrees with the simple click of a pair of limit bolts) is built into the cleat itself, which rotates on the shoe. Steel protrusions on the side of the cleats are built to contact corresponding steel on the pedals, so stability comes from a solid metal-to-metal interface rather than from the amorphous intersection of your shoe's sole with the pedal. The result, according to Speedplay, is stability on a par with road bike pedals.

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