Jeb Corliss Grinding the Crack in Super Slowmo

Probably the most talked about moment in Jeb Corliss's latest video, "Grinding the Crack," occurs when a man holding balloons dives to the left as Corliss flies dangerously close to him, and the ground.

The dive is the holy crap moment in the video when something quick and seemingly unexpected happens. The other moments—Corliss flying through a canyon at more than 100 miles per hour, brushing tree branches with his arms, and keeping his body still as he zips dangerously close to the ground—elicit a more general sense of awe that builds while watching. The slow build up of amazement is expected in videos by the BASE jumper and wingsuit superstar.

Jeb Corliss Grinding the Crack
The dive is not. Now, you can see the man's unexpected dive in slowmo in the follow-up video below.

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