Rippers Trip Report: Long Weekend in Crested Butte

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Guest Blog by Emily Brendler Shoff

With young kids, it can be an accomplishment to get out the front door. So when my husband, Andy, and I decided to take our girls camping and meet up with some friends and their kids in Crested Butte for a long weekend in mid-August, we knew it was going to be busy. With four girls between us, ages four months through five, we were going to have to be creative to if we wanted to get our adventure fix. But that didn’t stop us from trying. We’re all mountain parents, desperate to get our kids outside and desperate to be outside ourselves.

Crested Butte is the quintessential Colorado adventure outpost, with access to some of the Rockies' best mountain biking, hiking, and running trails; a laid-back, kid-friendly downtown, where everybody gets around on vintage cruiser bikes; and plenty of rivers, creeks, and lakes for cooling off after a day on the trails.

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We pulled into the Oh Be Joyful Campground late Wednesday and met up with our friends, Stewart and Blair. The perfect family adventure base camp, it sits right on the Slate River, about four miles north of town, and backs up against the Oh Be Joyful trail, a fantastic hike through a lush glacial valley (more on that later). Anywhere else in the world, this spot would be overrun and overpriced, but in Crested Butte, the site was free, and we had very few neighbors.

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