Gray Whale Nears Two Months in Klamath River

Gray Whale in Klamath River, Ashala TylorPhoto by Ashala Tylor (See more pictures and get more updates on her blog and Flickr)

When photographer Ashala Tylor heard a loud knock at her door early one morning in late June, she wasn't sure what to expect. Then her neighbor started yelling. "There's a whale in the river. There's a whale in the river."

She grabbed her camera and sprinted out the door towards the Klamath River, or, her backyard. She did not go back into her house for eight hours, even though the female gray whale and calf were swimming only 20 yards or so away.

Tylor is a professional photographer, and she's traveled all over the world's oceans trying to photograph whales. "I've never had the same opportunity to have one so close for such a long time."

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