The Gear Shed Outdoor Retailer Wrap, Part 1

The Outdoor Retailer Show just wrapped, and as per usual, it was epic. Over the next week or so, we'll continue to highlight some of the favorite new products we saw, starting with these three.


1. Columbia Baselayer Light Shortsleeve Top: Columbia‚Äôs new Omni-Freeze ICE shirts has the next best thing to an onboard air conditioner. The baselayer's fabric is embedded with microscopic crystals that get gummy when they interact with sweat, causing an endothermic reaction. If you remember seventh grade science class, that's the one that uses energy and in the process creates cold, not heat. It's no gimmick: The effect really is noticeable, but fleeting: once the shirt wicks away most of the moisture, the cool sensation you feel on your skin subsides. Available in January 2012, $55.

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