Gear: Ueli Steck Swiss Army Knife


By his own admission, Ueli Steck is one of the most Swiss climbers out there. He's well-prepared, precise, and functions reliably--"like a Swiss watch," as Steck himself has said.

So it makes sense on some level that Steck would get his own Swiss Army knife. The ubiquitous red multitools are up there with watches as Switzerland's most famous products, and Steck's sponsor Wenger makes both. 

Wenger's new titanium-bodied Ueli Steck Special Edition isn't the first knife aimed at climbers. Instead, the company's new tool attempts to strike a balance between blade-only climbing knives (Trango's Piranha and Barracuda) and feature-laden backpacker models (the Climber--Road Tour made by Wenger's parent company, Victorinox). 

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