Field Tested: Women’s Tropical Essentials

This spring I set off for an adventure vacation in the Cayman Islands. Here's some of the best gear I tested.

Carve Designs Maui Bikini Top and Rincon Rouched Bottom: The top offers an adjustable halter around the neck and chest. The bottom has bow ties on the sides; a cute touch that doesn’t take away from the sophistication of the suit. Both top and bottom have UPF 50+ sun protection. $44, $38;

Patagonia shelter top
Patagonia 3/4-Sleeve Sun Shelter Shirt Top: A loose cut, wrinkle-resistant fabric, and a flattering V-neck make this the most comfortable top I tested. Made of recycled polyester and nylon, it’s an eco-minded cover-up with a UPF of 40. I pulled this on over my bikini during breaks from the water in Cayman, and it stayed dry. I even wore it over my swim gear to dinner one night. $59;

Carve Designs Pipeline
Carve Designs Pipeline Short:
Part of my Cayman uniform. I wore it on the beach and around the island. This boardshort is long and loose and sits at the hip, with a lace-up drawstring tie. It has piping design along the sides of the legs and the bottom edge, creating a subtle break in the monochromatic look. The fabric is UPF 50+. $54; 

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