More Reasons to Get a Standing Desk


Sitting down may be shortening your life and adding inches to your waistline, according to an article in the New York Times. The study, performed by Mayo Clinic researcher James Levine, attempted to answer the question: why do some people, who consume the same amount of food as others, gain weight, and some don't? In an attempt to answer that question, subjects donned "smart underwear" which calculate each minute spent lying, standing, and sitting.

"The people who didn’t gain weight were unconsciously moving around more,” Dr. Jensen, a Mayo Clinic collaborator told the New York Times.

This isn't to be confused with exercising more--that was prohibited by the study--but the simple step of taking extra trips to the water cooler, a stroll around the block on a coffee break, or standing at their desk let active subjects stave off the additional weight gain. Overall, subjects who maintained their weight had an additional two hours of daily movement as compared to subjects who were more sedentary.

The underwear proved it doesn't take much to add movement to your day; they even show a spike of energy output when subjects bent over to tie their shoes.

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