Adventure Photography: Getting the shot w/ Lucas Gilman

Apr 19, 2011
Outside Magazine

Photographer Lucas Gilman, recently featured on MSNBC for shooting kayaker Rafia Ortiz's descent of Mexico's 128-foot Big Banana Falls, just released this video offering tips to aspiring adventure sport photographers. "There's only once chance to capture a first descent," says Gilman. The video's set in Oregon, and Gilman's subject is kayaker Jesse Coombs logging the first clean descent of Abiqua Falls, the 100-foot waterfall where Tyler Bradt broke his back 10 days after Coombs paddled it. Gilman's best advice: always back up your data. Whether you're an adventure photographer or not, the video's worth watching. To be sure, Gilman got the shot. 

--Kyle Dickman

Filed To: Adventure, Photography, Water Activities, Cameras

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