The Best Kids' Travel App Isn't an App—It's an I-Wood!

41cTEeIwzcL._SL500_AA300_Ever since I got an iPad for Christmas, job one has been figuring out how to keep it out of my daughters’ clawing, desperate hands. (There should be an app for that.) But no sooner had I read The New York Times’ top travel apps for kids than I began to cave, downloading “learning” apps like Memory Train and Interactive Alphabet so my three-year-old can practice her letters while I catch up on a little p & q. Whoops. Now we’re in the midst of a full-blown Armageddon at our house; you’d think my iPad contains nuclear secrets or the cure for cancer for how much we fight over it.

Of course, ahem, as the parent, I’m in charge. I can set limits! No more than 10 minutes of screen time a day, and only when we travel or as a reward for when she takes a really, really long nap. Or I can buy her one of her own. A decoy, of course. 

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