New Sidecountry Packs For Off-Piste Exploring

At the Outdoor Retailer and SIA shows last month, one thing was clear: more and more people are venturing into the backcountry on skis and snowboards.

Whether you're dipping out of bounds at your local ski hill, or boot packing from the road to the summit, these done in a day packs will carry your skis and everything else you need to be safe and have fun.


Backcountry Access Float 22: ABS air bag avalanche packs save lives. In fact, one of Backcountry Access’s packs saved a snowboarder last week. The footage below was shot on January 25th, 2012 in the Snake River backcountry. Meesh Hytner, a pro snowboarder, deploys her Backcountry Access Float 30 when she is caught in a sizeable slide, and ends up walking away from what couldhave been a tragedy.



The main reason all skiers aren’t using air bag packs: the cost. Most systems run around $1200. Backcountry Access is striving to make air bag avy packs more mainstream by bringing the price down. Its new Float 22 is lighter than other packs (5.5 pounds not the standard eight pounds). And it costs around half for all the parts and pieces: the pack, the airbag, engine, and rechargeable cylinder. Available September 2012, $675,

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