Backpacking the Wind Rivers

A multi-day hike to Wyoming’s Titcomb Basin

Wind River

The climb up

It’s not true to say Wyoming's Wind River Range is exactly like the Tetons. They don’t have a conga line of RVs pacing at their base. Spend five days hiking around the Bridger Wilderness Area and you’ll start to see the similarities: 35 peaks taller than 13,000 feet, 2,300 alpine lakes, and more than 600 miles of trails. To get a sense for what the range offers, hike to Titcomb Basin, a remote five-day out-and-back that starts at Elkhart Park. Over 15 miles the trail climbs 2,000 feet to a granite cirque filled with five lakes. Camp on the 200-foot-wide finger that separates the upper and lower lakes and expect to wake to alpenglow on the Sphinx and Miram Peaks, a pair of granite crags ringing the cirque. Bring a flyrod. Last year the Forest Service restocked the basin with golden trout.

YOU NEED: A fishing license and Bridger Lakes and Gannet Peak 7.5 minute quads ($8) from the Great Outdoor Shop in Pinedale, and reservation at Pole Creek Ranch, a western-style bed & breakfast ($65/couple).

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