From The Lean-To: Meeting Up With The Coyote Brothers


Last night, at a small bar in Marfa, Texas, I sat down at a table with a friend who was already talking to the two sun-soaked gentlemen pictured above. A few minutes of conversation and a half of Lone Star later, I found out that they were brothers Tim and Noah Hussin (also known as The Coyote Brothers), creators of America reCycled. The Florida natives left Asheville in 2010 and have been making their way across the U.S. of A. documenting Americans that are "yearning to rebuild space, community, and local culture, each in our own way." Their website is full of films (check out the footage from The Recyclery in Asheville and their Notes From The Road), photos, and journals from their travels. Though it hasn't been updated in the last few months, they assured me that they were doing an overhaul of the site soon and would have a ton of new material. 

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