Vintage Gear That's Tough and Reliable

Even if you dad chucked his old wafflestompers and canvas backpack before you were born, you can still have legit heritage gear that's as functional as it is cool looking. Here are four of our favorite old-is-new pieces:
LL Bean Maine Snowshoe: To celebrate its 100th birthday, LL Bean is bringing back key pieces on which its name and reputation were built. Top of the list: a classic Maine-style snowshoe. Made from steam-bent ash and a traditional leather H binding, this snowshoe is an exact replica of the one your grandfather wore, if he happened to be a trapper or one of Thoreau's pals. There are no fancy underfoot claws on these high float raquettes—just cowhide strapping to bite into the snowy ground. Available February 2012, $329,
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