Training With The 3,347-Mile Man

Riding with Matt CarnalMatt Carnal and his trusty fixie. Photo by Jake Drevs.

Before you brag to your buddies about how hard you’ve been training, meet Matt Carnal. Over 26 days in January, this 32-year-old cycling coach from Tulsa, Oklahoma, took part in—and won—the Strava Base Mile Blast. Sponsored by the ride-tracking website Strava, the event pitted riders against one another online to see who could go the biggest. Carnal notched 3,347 miles, obliterating the nearest competition by almost 1,000 miles. That’s an average of 128.7 miles a day for 26 consecutive days. We caught up with Carnal to see how he did it—and why?

--Aaron Gulley

OUTSIDE: You rode 3,347 miles in January? Seriously? Is that even possible?
Matt Carnal: Yep, seriously. And for the entire month of January [Editor: The Base Mile Blast ran from January 6 to 31] I totaled 3,557 miles, with only two recovery days and one forced travel day, which I was not happy about. You can check the data if you want proof. I believe that others can meet and break my records. I hope I inspire people to do it.

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