Unlocking the Florida Keys with Kids


By Guest Blogger Elizabeth Sullivan

Need to thaw out? Leave the winter behind? We did. Our wants were simple: Our destination had to be warm and had to have salt water. What we didn’t want was simple, too: no passports required and no connecting flights. 

With four boys 6 and under, we set out to find the perfect outdoor winter getaway. With the serendipitous guidance of a friend and some strategic timing,we found what we were looking for in the Florida Keys. We were sold on its consistent 75-80 degree temperatures, even in January; three-and-a-half hour plane ride from our home in St. Paul; and endless blue vistas. We shed our skis and snow pants for swimsuits and flip-flops, and we felt ten pounds lighter from the winter gear, and psychologically, too; like we could endure whatever the rest of winter might throw our way.  

Lagoon_Aerial[1]Lagoon Life @ Hawks Cay [Photo: Hawks Cay Resort]


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