How to Find the Best Videos of Young, Extreme Athletes

I recently discovered the website, Kids Who Rip. Not sure how I missed this one, but it's rad little video library of kids killing it on bikes, skis, kiteboards, surfboards, skateboards, balance beams, and pretty much every other conveyance and game known to childhood.

You can submit clips of your kid's first black diamond mogul run or gawk at other people's offspring hucking big air on their mountain bikes. In a bind, it'll double as a motivational tool ("that boy can ride across a log without whining"), and it's an excellent bribery/diversion tactic when your wild child is bouncing off the walls and you need some peace and quiet (like right this minute). What's more riveting than watching a grom catch and carve waves—especially when the surfer is six years old and not even four feet tall? Not a rhetorical question.


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