Merino Made in the U.S.A.

If you are wearing wool socks or long underwear, it’s likely that they’re made from sheep fleece shipped from half way around the world. New Zealand and Australia have been breeding Merino sheep—with long-staple, non-itchy wool—for a long time. Now, Montana ranchers have become adept at raising merino sheep. And at least two manufacturers are sourcing their merino stateside, which keeps jobs in the U.S., and saves resources.


For Montana-based Teko Socks, switching to Montana Merino was a no brainer. Its S3 SIN3GRI socks are made from Montana wool and 100% recycled ultrafine polyester. Together they provide the benefits of wool, with the comfortable, lightweight, and quick-dry properties of poly. The poly is collected and upcycled in the southeastern US, the wool is milled and polished in South Carolina, and the socks are knitted in North Carolina. The series has hiking and ski styles, available Fall 2012, $16-$25,

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