Retro K-Way Windbreaker, Reborn


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I just got back from a soggy week on the East Coast with my kids. New York hasn’t had much of a winter, and we arrived to overcast skies, milder-than-normal temps, and lots of rain. Not that we minded. Where we live, moisture falling from the sky is a welcome novelty (plus, my crocodile skin slurped up the humidity) and we’d remembered to bring our foul-weather gear. My three-and-half-year old’s rainy day kit included knee-high insulated Bogs boots and the MVP of the trip: her waterproof, royal blue K-Way rain jacket. 

Some of you of a certain age may remember the K-Way “Claude Klassic,” a retro nylon windbreaker with a full zipper, hood, and a self-stuffing pouch. The coup de grace, of course, is the nylon webbing that functions as a hip belt when the jacket is stuffed into its own pocket. Sling that sucker around your waist and you’re ready for action, whatever the weather. It’s a fanny pack and rain jacket all in one!

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