4 Essential Tips for XC Skiing with Kids

DSC_2452Skate time with the Telluride Snow Leopards [photo: Melissa Plantz]

There’s still time to sneak in another winter adventure with the kids before spring hits: Nordic skiing. Parents often hesitate to take kids out on the track too early, but as soon as kids can fit into the skis and boots (definitely by age 5 or 6, and younger if you use starter skis), it’s time to get them out there: “Kids are simple,” says Midnite Scholtes, director of the Telluride Nordic Center. “You get them in the gear and you let them go.” 

Typically, Scholtes starts kids with a classic set-up just to get them used to the feel of skinny skis. Often, though, by the second or third time cross-country skiing, kids are anxious to try skate skis. “They see adults racing around the track, and they want that speed,” says Scholtes. Unlike adults, most kids aren’t afraid to fall, and when they do, they’re so low to the ground that the consequences of a tumble are usually pretty minor.  

DSC_2474[photo: Melissa Plantz]

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