Your Pillars of Performance

What’s the secret of success in endurance sports? I get asked this a lot. The answer can be boiled down to one phrase: consistency of effective training.  Performance does not arrive overnight. It comes out of a consistently applied training plan that is appropriate and specific to your level and needs. It takes hard work and a willingness to integrate training as a way of life, instead of a burden on top of life.

Runners via Shutterstock Photographer: Maridav

Once we understand that consistency is the real cornerstone of performance improvement, it is easy to understand that any single session or week or training is not going to make you improve. In order to remain consistent you must stay healthy, motivated, and injury-free. This means your path to performance must include components that support consistency, maintain health, and optimize recovery throughout your journey toward your triathlon. 

Enter your purplepatch pillars of performance!

No matter what level of athlete I am working with, we always refer back to the pillars of performance. They are the foundation of your training success and are given equal philosophical and emotional important in the training approach.  They are:

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