The Three Best New Approach Shoes

Sticky approach shoes will get you to and from your projects, but they're not just for cragging. Approach shoes can have urban appeal—like when you want to impress your friends after a few beers by bouldering up the nearest sculpture/rock/tree. We don't necesarrily recommend this, we're just saying, we know far too many people that attempt such stunts with improper shoes and pay the consequences.

Here are a few of our faves to get you off the ground:

Evolv Cruzer: The barefoot runner of approach shoes, Evolv's Cruzer has maximum sensitivity for a sticky-soled shoe. Whether you're buildering, smearing up the nearest granite slab, or heading to Miguels for pizza, it gets the job done. In fact, even non-climbers might like it's breathable cotton upper and microfiber memory foam-lined insole. Together they're a padded pillowcase for your dogs, which either have just been or are about to be crammed into a toe crushing wrap of leather and rubber. Flip the heel forward and wear them like slippers, or hang 'em from your harness with the handy heel loops so you can walk off the descent without slicing your feet. They make great camp shoes too, even if you have to pack them in. Available now, $75,

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