Should the Grand Canyon Have a Tram?

Grand_canyon_development_prop_NPSGrand Canyon   Photo: Grand Canyon NPS

The East Rim of the Grand Canyon, where the Little Colorado River meets the Colorado River, is a remote, quiet area, especially compared to the crowded Southern Rim. But it might not remain that way.

The 27,000 square-mile Navajo reservation is adjacent to the National Park and Navajo President Ben Shelly in late February signed a memorandum of agreement with a development company Confluence Partners, LLC, that could turn the area around the East Rim into a tourist attraction, reports the Associated Press. The plans include a resort hotel, spa, and RV park. There's also a proposal to build an aerial tram that would bring visitors from the rim of the canyon all the way down to the riverside, where they could get a meal at a new restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, the National Park Service as well as environmental groups are raising red flags.

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