Sherpa Trekkers Warn Villagers of Climate Change, Flooding

Shutterstock_GalynaAndrushkoShivling Peak via Shutterstock Photograper: Galyna Andrushko

As mountaineers from around the world converge in Nepal and prepare for the 2012 Everest climbing season, Apa Sherpa, the porter-turned-professional-climber who has summited the mountain 21 times, is in the midst of a three-month trek to call attention to the changing climate. He's warning that rapid glacier melt could result in cataclysmic flooding in the Himalaya region.

Thousands of lakes in the Himalayan foothills, laden with glacier run-off, are endangering "millions of people in seven countries abutting the massive mountain range," according to the Associated Press.

"In Nepal alone, at least 20 of the more than 2,300 glacial lakes are in danger of bursting banks made mostly of rock and scree held together by little more than gravity. Across the wider mountain range, dozens more are building to dangerous levels as temperatures rise and ice melts quicker," reported the news agency.

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