Apr 2, 2012
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Drinking and pedaling

Drinking and pedaling    Photo: Jonathan Harford/Flickr

Best for: Drinking and riding
We realize that it’s tourist kitsch, but we just can’t resist a bar that’s built into a bicycle. Or is it a bicycle that's built into a bar? This pedal-powered establishment measures five feet across and seats you and 16 of your biking buddies—it’s a perfect set up for those who want to hammer beer and the pavement all at once. For 425 Euros ($567), you get the use of this crazy vehicle plus 30 liters of beer (that’s just under 64 pints). With 17 passengers, that comes to only 3ish beers apiece, but don’t get tempted to bring fewer friends to make it last as you have just two hours to polish it all off. At least with all the exertion of pedaling, you shouldn’t be too schnockered when you arrive at your destination. Bonus: 50 Euro discounts on Sundays—God bless the Euros for being so pious.

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