Yellowstone: Better by Bus

Linx_bus_lake_lodgeAll aboard who's going aboard.  Photo courtesy Linx Co-op

In our May issue we rounded up 12 amazing off-the-beaten path National Park adventures. Trekking into Yellowstone National Park (oh, you've heard of it?) didn't make the cut. But that doesn't mean you should avoid the 3,472 square miles of alpine wonders that make up the world's first national park. What you should avoid, however, is seeing it through your car windows, while stuck in park traffic.

"The park gets three million visitors each year, and they come mostly in the summer months," says Kim Billimoria, communications manager for Linx. Thankfully, visitors now have a public transit option to get around, and even get into, the park. The best part? It will act as your trail chauffeur, opening up thru-hike options and access to multi-leg trips that you'd never be able to pull off in a car.

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