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SHANNON GALPIN brought her mountain bike to Afghanistan to raise awareness for the plight of women and girls. And that was just the beginning of the adventure.

Apr 16, 2012
Outside Magazine
At work

At work    Photo: Courtesy of Shannon Galpin

On What to Remember When Getting Started: Treat the men and women, boys and girls, that you work for with respect. They know what is most needed in their communities. Whether you are working domestically or internationally, work alongside the locals and make them the heroes of the mission. Don't gift a project—instead create an atmosphere in which everyone is invested to ensure success and longterm sustainability. 

On Getting the Most out of Social Media: Set up a Facebook Fan Page and post events, updates, news, and relevant articles. Set up a Twitter handle and tweet daily. Retweet related messages and use hashtags to build your audience. Set up a Blog on Wordpress or Posterous to deepen the conversation and embed plug ins that make it easy for others to share content. Create simple videos for YouTube that can be shared, tweeted, and posted to engage audiences and create conversation. Create community events that connect home communities to project communities through social activities that build community and educate the masses about your mission. 

On Raising Money: Fundraising is by far the hardest part. Reach out to your core group of friends, family, and colleagues that support your efforts first, before you blast strangers with social media. Consider fundraising sites like Crowdrise, Firstgiving, and Kickstarter. The human connection is the strongest hook you've got. Share stories of individuals involved, post photos, and humanize the project as much as you can. We are all part of a global community, but it’s easy to forget if the project is on the other side the world, or even another state.

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