BASE Jumping, No Experience Necessary

Getting into BASE jumping isn't easy or cheap. Before prospective jumpers can take their first leap, they typically have to make hundreds of skydives, find a mentor, and accumulate thousands of dollars worth of gear.

That could all change this spring with the launch of Moab BASE Adventures, the first company to offer non-jumpers the chance to make a tandem jump from a cliff. Owners Mario Richard and Steph Davis, veteran jumpers and climbers based in Moab, Utah, take passengers to one of two exit points on Moab's sandstone mesas, where they strap in with tandem master Richard and huck themselves off for a 900- to 1,400-foot ride back to the valley floor. No skydiving or climbing experience is necessary—you just need to weigh fewer than 185 pounds and be fit enough to hike and scramble to the top. "This is like a shortcut," says Richard. "Until now, you couldn't do a BASE jump without spending all this time and money."

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