Bikepacking: 9 Indispensable Pieces of Mountain Touring Gear

One of the most common questions I get about bikepacking and endurance races like the Arizona Trail 300 is how you can carry everything you need. The answer, which I've come to after generous input from others and lots of trial and error, is a combination of lightweight gear, packs that fit your bike, and miserly packing. The products below aren't everything that I use, nor will they work for everyone. I know guys that run dramatically different setups than mine, and every race calls for a different set of gear. But I've found the following items reliable and indispensible over lots of trips into the backcountry.

Aaron Gulley's AZT300 Bike SetupMy AZT300 race rig fully loaded on a shake-down ride in Placitas, New Mexico.

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