Car Camping, Minus the Car

First, assume an Australian accent. It'll help when you pronounce the name of this snazzy bike trailer setup: Midget Bushtrekka. This pimped out bike trailer has "duallies" (kind of) and is designed to pivot and absorb shock. It can be adjusted to fit on a range of bike frames and has leveling legs to address uneven terrain. Of course, the main feature is the pop-up tent.


Images: Kamp Rite

The set-up likely isn't worth the $600 you'll spend on it unless you're a dedicated bike tourist and get a guarantee from the manufacturer that you won't have any hitch failures, which some commenters on eBay complain about. If you're willing to sleep on the ground, you could save some money and some weight (the Midget Bushtrekka will add 45 pounds to your trip before it's filled) with a standard bike trailer

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