5 Ways to Take Back Earth Day

Jason Mecier artwork, on auction for Keep America Beautiful. Brought to you by Glad Bags.

"If I get one more email on the subject, I'm going to celebrate Earth Day by kicking Gaia in the nuts," declared journalist Christopher Mims on Twitter yesterday. He expressed a sentiment shared by myself and many other journalists on environment-related beats. The onslaught of press releases begins around mid-March. Marketers reach deep into their creativity banks to commercialize the day that, in 1970, helped kick off the modern environmental movement.

Matthew Wheeland summarized his Earth Day angst in a story for GreenBiz.com:

"Like a plague of cicadas (only more frequent and more devastating) this time of year brings us once again an inundation of marginally relevant, cynicism-inducing announcements tied to the one day of the year when, theoretically, a slightly larger slice of the American populace thinks about the state of the planet."

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