Remembering Ultrarunner Micah True

In the days after ultrarunner Micah True's death, remembrances of his life sprang up all over the Web. Ultrarunners offered their condolences to the friends and family of the man known as Caballo Blanco, runners inspired by the description of Micah True in Born to Run thanked him for his message, and a new group of people were exposed to that message and inspired.

Outside published a story, "On the Trail of the White Horse," by Christopher McDougall, about the search for True's body in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. It has remained the number one article on the site for a week now. Beneath it, comments poured in like this one from Mandy:

Thank you for your beautiful words. May you all carry him with you in all of your days as friends. May we all learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of by having the story of Caballo with us to share with each generation that comes. Thank you Chris for your words, for sharing Caballo's passion with your readers, and for reminding us all that we were Born to Run!

A group called the Mas Locos set up a website for remembrances, upcoming memorial runs, photo tributes, and videos—like one by ultrarunner Scott Jurek. Jurek, who ran the Copper Canyon marathon after an invite from True, left this quote:

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